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Laser-Cut Metal Masquerade Masks

"Our prom picture. We loved our masks!"
- Patricia (below)

"Loved the masks!" - Heather (above)

"My mask came today! Thanks for the speed! It's exquisite" -

"We loved the masks! Thank you! :)" -
Britney (below)

"The masks looked even better than the picture, we were thrilled!"
- Daniel

"We were turning heads all night in your masks!"
- Melanie


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Deco Lady Silver Black Women's Masquerade Mask Naughty Bandito Black Tie On Mask for Men
Deco Lady Black-Silver
Price: $20.00

Price: $15.99

Deco Lady is Elegant. Naughty Bandito is Wild. Renaissance has Noble Elegance.
2015 New Year's Mask for Women Black Lightning Mens Masquerade Mask
Black Lightning
Price: $21.97

Price: $11.99

2015 New Year's Mask for Women
Black Lightning is Flashy. Red, Gold and Silver too!!!!! Toscana is Smart. Many Beautiful colors!!
Crowe Scary Purple Womens Masquerade Mask Angelina Womens Masquerade Mask Domino Matte Mask Party Pack 6 Masks.
Crowe - Purple
Price: $49.99
Price: $24.97

Crowe is Hauntingly Lovely. Angelina is a WOW! Available in many colors! Domino Matte Mask Party Pack (6 masks of ONE COLOR)
Deluxe Glitter Elegant Masquerade Mask on a Stick Victoria Silver Feathered Victorian Masquerade Mask Farah Metal Laser Cut Luxury Womens Mask
Price: $39.99

Price: $24.99

Our Logo Mask! Deluxe Glitter Elegant is an Extravagant Stick Mask. Available in Many Colors!!! Victoria is regal and fit for a Queen. Farah is Whimsical.  Decorated with 3 Beautiful Rhinestone Brooches and Jewels.
Josephine-Masquerade Glitter Masquerade Couple Masks Missy Red and Black Womens Masquerade Mask Statue of Liberty Masquerade Mask in Silver
Josephine-Masquerade Glitter Couple
Price: $57.00
Sale Price: $51.94
Missy-Shimmer Red
Price: $29.99

Glittery Couple. Gold, Silver, and Black. Missy is Exuberant in Red and Black. Statue of Liberty Silver Masquerade Mask
Missy Purple Glitter Womens Masquerade Mask Angelina Rheinlander Masks for Couples Fashon Matte Mask
Fashion Matte
Price: $7.99
Missy is Exuberant. This is a Fabulous Mask! Extravagant Couple Fashion is a Classic Beauty.
Thorne Studded Bat Shape Mens Masquerade Mask 2015 New Year's Stick Mask Sylvia Silver Masquerade Stick Mask
Price: $29.97
Sylvia - Silver
Price: $19.97
Thorne is Powerful. 2015 New Year's Stick Mask
Sylvia is Regal.
Grain Scary Mens Masquerade Mask Diva Feather Masquerade Mask on Stick
San Remo
Price: $15.97

Price: $24.97

Diva on Stick
Price: $29.97
San Remo has Grand Style. Grain is Woodsy. Diva is a Sexy.  Lots of COLORS!!!!
Angelina-Fernando Masquerade Couple Masks Ballroom Black Lace Womens Masquerade Mask Crowe Scary Red  Womens Masquerade Mask
Angelina-Fernando Couple
Price: $46.00
Sale Price: $40.96

Crowe - Red
Price: $49.99
Majestic Couple. Fabulous Colors! Ballroom in Sexy Black Lace. Crowe is Hauntingly Lovely.
Delphine Decorated Antique Gold Womens Masquerade Mask Diablo Hand-Painted Scary Masquerade Mask
Price: $21.99
Price: $19.97
Delphine is Romantic. Verona with Fabric Ties is Very Bold. Diablo Is Devilish.
2015 New Year's Mask for Men Ghost Studded White One Eye Mask for Men Eternity Scary Studded Women's Masquerade Mask
Price: $29.97
Price: $19.97
2015 New Year's Mask for Men
Ghost is Haunting. Eternity is Ghostly.
Elegant Raindrop Masquerade Masks for Couples Fashion Raindrop Black Lace Masked Ball Mask for Women Colette Luxury Metal Laser Cut Womens Masquerade Mask
Elegant Raindrop Couple
Price: $35.94

Price: $19.97

Elegant Raindrop Couple is Grand and Striking. Fashion Raindrop is Unforgettable! Colette is Fascinating.
Spun Black Lace Spider Scary Masquerade Mask Affinity Glittered Feather Women's Masquerade Mask Simone Deluxe Laser Cut Masquerade Stick Mask
Spun-Black Lace
Price: $24.97

Price: $27.97

Spun is Very Spidery.
Affinity is Exquisite. SImone is Very French.
Simone Peacock feathered Metal Laser Cut Masquerade Mask Languid Hand-Painted Scary Masquerade Mask Backstreet Hand-Painted Scary Masquerade Mask
Price: $19.97
Price: $24.97

Simone is Sublime. Languid is Undead. Backstreet is Bloody Bat.
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For over 25 years, we have been creating some of the most beautiful and unique Masquerade Mask designs in the world. All of our Original Mask Designs are decorated by hand in our Lakewood New Jersey USA studio by our team of skilled artists. We use only the finest quality Italian fabric base masks combined with the best feathers, luxurious fabrics, trims and unique embellishments. Each mask is high quality, visually stunning, comfortable to wear and created with special pride.

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