Our Original Masquerade Mask Designs are handcrafted in the USA by our talented artisans

Pirate Queen on a stick

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Missy purple glitter feather Masquerade Mask

Missy in Purple

Missy in Purple glitter has an ostrich Plume and a fan of coque feathers accented by a large jewel. $29.97

Black Lightning Masquerade Mask

Black Lightning

Hand-painted lightning design with braid trim. 5 great colors. Great for guys. $21.97

Corrine w/peacock feathers Masquerade Mask

Corrine w/peacock

Black laser-cut mask with sprinkle of rhinestones. Decorated with real peacock feathers and a bold rhinestone brooch. $29.97


Antonio Black-Silver Mens Masquerade Mask Antonio Black-Silver


Price: $22.97

Raquel-Rafael Couple Masquerade Masks Raquel-Rafael Couple Masks

A Night in Venice in gold or silver accents

Price: $29.97

Simone Deluxe Laser Cut Masquerade Stick Mask Simone - Deluxe-Stick Mask

SImone is Very French.

Price: $29.97

Janelle Decorated Gold Luxury Metal Laser Cut Women's Masquerade Mask Janelle Gold Laser-Cut - Decorated Mask

Janelle has Style. Peacock feathers rule.

Price: $29.97
Odette Luxury Metal Laser Cut Women's Masquerade Mask Odette with Side Peacock Feathers

Exciting Peacock Flair with Rhinestone Brooch

Price: $29.97
Elegant Glitz-Masquerade Glitz Couple Elegant Glitz-Masquerade Glitz Couple

Lots of Colors!

Price: $22.97

Deluxe Glitter Elegant Masquerade Mask on a Stick Deluxe Glitter Elegant on a Stick - Black

Our Logo Mask! Deluxe Glitter Elegant is an Extravagant Stick Mask.

Price: $29.97
Sarita Masquerade Mask for Women Sarita

Sparkly gray fabric covered mask.

Price: $19.99
Ross Masquerade Mask for Men Ross Masquerade Mask for Men


Price: $16.99
Tierra Purple Glitter Masquerade Mask Tierra

Stunning in Sparkling Purple Glitter

Price: $39.97
Jeweltone Women's Masquerade Mask Jeweltone

8 Elegant Colors

Price: $21.97
Persuasion Masquerade Mask Couple Persuasion Couple

Persuasion Couple is Fine and Flamboyant

Price: $29.97

2018 Graduation Mask for women 2018 Graduation Mask for Women

2018 Graduation Mask for Women

Price: $12.99
Victoria Victorian Feathered Masquerade Mask for a Woman Victoria-Gold

A Victorian Design fit for Royalty.

Price: $29.97
Lambert Masquerade Mask for Men Lambert Masquerade Mask for Men


Price: $17.99