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Thank you so much, I absolutely loved my mask!!!-Ashley

I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You!! My Mask was a Hit and matched perfectly!!
I had a BLAST at our Masquerade Ball in New Orleans!!! - Diana

Perfect, Thank You! - Daniel

Truly amazing mask can't wait to wear it to the masquerade party!!

"Our Mardi Gras Krewe masks were great! Thanks" - Dave

"I love my mask! It is very well made and I love the bow/jewel detail on the side.
The mask fits comfortably and I received so many compliments."-Kimberly

" We got so many compliments on our masks, thanks again!!" - Aimee

What great customer service and wonderful products!! Ty!" -Kimberly

"We loved the masks! Thank you! :)" -
Britney (below)

"The masks looked even better than the picture, we were thrilled!"
- Daniel

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Limited Edition Masks
  Under $50 selections

Welcome to Limited Editions Gallery
Here you can find a mask that is
"The Only One in the World!"
This is where our designers get the chance to show off
their wild creativity. The one of a kinds are collectable
and are signed by the artist. Some masks may be a
similar in style but the decorations and the color will vary.
See what our designers
can do when turned loose!
Look for our New Ideas
Original hand-painted Paper Mache Masks decorated with Wild Feathers.
Unique Sculpted Paper Masks that Dazzle.
The First Handmade Leather Mask has been made. Look for more designs soon.
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Bejeweled Antique
Price: $19.97
Black Crest Devil
Price: $15.00
Price: $19.97
Bejeweled  Antique is Old World. Black Crest Devil is Evil. Boldness is Vibrant with Color.
Price: $19.97
Callas is an Aria. Checkered Jester One-Of-A-Kind Masquerade Mask
Clown One-Of-A-Kind Masquerade Mask
Devil in Black
Price: $15.00
Devil Muse
Price: $15.00
Deluxe Spider Lady is a Costume! Devil in Black is Dark. Devil Muse is Dark.
Dragonfly Landing
Price: $19.97
English Garden
Price: $24.97
Eye Lined Devil
Price: $15.00
Dragonfly Landing is Striking. English Garden is Romantic. Eye Lined Devil is Sultry.
Flamenco Dancer
Price: $24.97
Price: $19.97
Flying Violet
Price: $19.97
Flamenco Dancer has Flair. Flapper is Smart. Flying Violet is Fetching.
Gilt Peony
Price: $24.97
Gingko Melody
Price: $24.97
Golden Bloom
Price: $24.97
Gilt Peony is Glowing. Gingko Melody is Mystical. Golden Bloom is Unique.
Killer Web
List Price: $46.00
Price: $24.97
Sale Price: $35.99
You save $21.03!
Happy Skull One-Of-A-Kind Masquerade Mask
Kabuki One-Of-A-Kind Masquerade Mask
Killer Web is Dangerous.
Lacy Winker
Price: $24.97
Pastel Gingko
Price: $24.97
Lacy Winker is Polished. Majestic Bird One-Of-A-Kind Masquerade Mask
Gingko Pastel is Fanciful.
Peachy Keen
Price: $19.97
Peacock Butterfly
Price: $19.97
Peacock Eyelash
Price: $19.97
Peachy Keen is Sunny. Peacock Butterfly is Radiant. Peacock Eyelash is Vibrant.
Peacock Palace
Price: $19.97
Pink Fascination
Price: $24.97
Peacock Palace is Attractive. Pink Fascination if Magical. Pink Muse Masquerade Mask
Purple Swirl
Price: $19.97
Be a Showgirl! Be a Showgirl! Purple Swirl is Sublime.
Red Glitter and Black Lace Red Sakura One-Of-A-Kind Masquerade Mask
Be a Showgirl!
Price: $19.97
Silver Bejeweled
Price: $19.97
Silver Spider Queen
Price: $19.97
Ruffles is Passionate. Silver Bejeweled is Old World. Silver Spider Queen is Captivating.
Violet Web
Price: $19.97
Price: $19.97
Sinless One-Of-A-Kind Masquerade Mask
Violet Web is Haunting. Wanda is Witchy.
White Gingko is Radiant. Why So Serious One-Of-A-Kind Masquerade Mask