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Laser-Cut Metal Masquerade Masks

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"Our prom picture.  We loved our masks!"
- Patricia (below)

"Loved the masks!" - Heather (above)

"My mask came today! Thanks for the speed! It's exquisite" -

"We loved the masks! Thank you! :)" -
Britney (below)

"The masks looked even better than the picture, we were thrilled!"
- Daniel

"We were turning heads all night in your masks!"
- Melanie

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Premium Level - (Over $49)
Our Designer Masquerade Masks line is the pride of our company. All of these masks are original designs created by our experienced mask designers. They are made using an Italian fabric "base" mask, which is then decorated by hand specially for you using the finest trims, fabrics, paint, crystals, and feathers. The end result is a gorgeous mask that will impress your friends and fellow party-goers, make you feel great when you wear it, and help make your masquerade ball a night you will never forget!

The Designer Masks category is divided into sub-categories(levels) by price.  Click the links above to choose the price range that you would like to view.  We hope that you enjoy the experience of choosing your very own hand-decorated masquerade ball mask!
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44 Caliber Scary Masquerade Mask Affinity Glittered Feather Women's Masquerade Mask Alana Womens Masquerade Mask with Trim
.44 Caliber
Price: $21.97
Price: $28.97
Price: $24.97
.44 Caliber is a Kill Shot. Affinity is Exquisite. Alana is fun, fun, fun! Beautiful colors!
Amalfi Mens Hand Painted Jeweled Mask Ancestor Scary Cameo Masquerade Mask Angelina Womens Masquerade Mask
Price: $21.97
Price: $24.97
Price: $27.99

Amalfi has a Tasteful Elegance. Ancestor is Mysterious. Angelina is a WOW! Available in many colors!
Angelina Masquerade Mask on Stick Antonio Black-Silver Mens Masquerade Mask with Trim Antonio Black White Mens Masquerade Mask
Angelina on Stick
Price: $29.97
Antonio Black-White
Price: $21.97

Angelina is a WOW! Lots of COLORS!!!! Antonio is a Handsome Classic. Great with a tuxedo. Antonio is a Handsome Classic. Great with a tuxedo.
Ashes Skull Studded Mens Masquerade Mask Astral Hand Painted Jeweled Womens Masquerade Mask Azalea Black Lace Womens Masquerade Mask
Price: $29.97
Price: $21.99
Price: $24.97
Ashes is Unearthly. Astral is Sublime. Azalea is Demure.
Ballet Velvet Applique Women's Mask Ballroom Womens Masquerade Mask Ballroom Black Lace Womens Masquerade Mask
Price: $19.97
Price: $18.99
Ballet is Twirling. Ballroom is a Classic Stunner. Lots of Colors! Ballroom in Sexy Black Lace.
Baroness Royalty Mask for Women Baroness White Royalty Womens Mask Battle Dominant Bronze Mens Masquerade Mask
Baroness in Black
Price: $34.97

Baroness in White
Price: $34.97

Price: $32.97
Baroness has Class. Baroness has Class. Battle is Dominant.
Betty Rhinestone Pink Eyelash Masquerade Mask for Women Black Dahlia Scary Womens Masquerade Mask Black Lightning Mens Masquerade Mask
Price: $19.97
Black Dahlia
Price: $19.97
Black Lightning
Price: $21.97

Betty is a Hoot. Black Dahlia is a Crime Scene. Black Lightning is Flashy. Red, Gold and Silver too!!!!!
Flourish Black-White Women's Masquerade Mask Blanca Wedding Mask with Jewels Bleak Hand-Painted Scary Masquerade Mask
Price: $50.00
Price: $19.97
Flourish is Majestic. Blanca is Glorious with Decoration. Bleak is Lost.
Blume White Womens Masquerade Mask with Flowers and Pearls Branded Black-Gold  Mens Masquerade Mask Brandy Rose Delicate Womens Masquerade Mask
Price: $18.97
Branded Black-Gold
Price: $11.99
Brandy Rose
Price: $19.97
Blume is Blooming Lovely. Branded has a Gallant Flair. Brandy Rose is Rare Delicate 24K Flower.
Britannia Patriotic British Masquerade Mask British Heritage Mask for Women Cabaret Hot Pink Glitter Wild Eyelash Masquerade Mask
Price: $17.97
British Heritage
Price: $24.97
Cabaret Hot Pink
Price: $19.97
Britannia is Rules British Heritage is Majestic. Cabaret is Divinely Decadent.
Cabaret Wild Eyelash Iridescent Glitter Masquerade Mask for Women Canny Cutout Velvet Womens Masquerade Mask Catalina Red and Black Lace Womens Masquerade Mask
Cabaret Iridescent
Price: $19.97
Price: $21.97
Price: $44.99
Cabaret is Divinely Decadent. Canny is a Standout. Catalina is a Sexy Spanish Temptress.
Cecilia Womens Flower Masquerade Mask Chantal Luxury Metal Laser Cut Womens Masquerade Mask Clarrisa Velvet Masquerade Mask on a Stick
Price: $18.97
Price: $19.97
Clarrisa Stick
List Price: $50.00
Price: $50.00
Sale Price: $38.00
You save $12.00!
Cecilia is Sassy Minx. Chantal is Chic. Clarrisa is made for a Royal Masked Ball.
Claude Bronze Hand-Painted Masquerade Mask for Men Cognac Rose Womens Masquerade Mask with Ostrich Colette Luxury Metal Laser Cut Womens Masquerade Mask
Price: $24.97
Cognac Rose
Price: $45.00
Price: $19.97

Claude is Torn. Cognac Rose is an Opulent Rare Flower. Colette is Fascinating.
Collette Deluxe Laser Cut Masquerade Stick Mask Colette Metal Laser Cut Masquerade Stick Mask
Colette on a Stick
Price: $24.97
Colette-Deluxe-Stick Mask
Price: $29.97

Colette-on a Stick
Price: $24.97
Colette is Fascinating. Colette is Fascinating. Colette is Fascinating.
Corrine Luxury Metal Laser Cut Womens Masquerade Mask Corrine Deluxe Laser Cut Masquerade Stick Mask
Price: $19.97
Corrine is Romantic. Corrine is Exciting. Corrine is Fascinating.