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Laser-Cut Metal Masquerade Masks

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"Our prom picture.  We loved our masks!"
- Patricia (below)

"Loved the masks!" - Heather (above)

"My mask came today! Thanks for the speed! It's exquisite" -

"We loved the masks! Thank you! :)" -
Britney (below)

"The masks looked even better than the picture, we were thrilled!"
- Daniel

"We were turning heads all night in your masks!"
- Melanie

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On this page, you will find a great selection of masquerade ball masks for men. We know that mens' tastes range anywhere from a plain mask to an elaborately decorated one, so we have tried to create a wide array of styles that will satisfy the needs of even the most particular man. These great masquerade masks will create a masculine and distinguished look that will make you "The Man" of your masquerade party!
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44 Caliber Scary Masquerade Mask Amalfi Mens Hand Painted Jeweled Mask Amalfi Mens Hand Painted Jeweled Mask
.44 Caliber
Price: $21.97
Price: $21.97
List Price: $21.97
Price: $21.97
Sale Price: $15.99
You save $5.98!
.44 Caliber is a Kill Shot. Amalfi has a Tasteful Elegance. Amalfi has a Tasteful Elegance.
Amalfi Mens Hand Painted Jeweled Mask Antonio Black-Silver Mens Masquerade Mask with Trim Antonio Black White Mens Masquerade Mask
List Price: $21.97
Price: $21.97
Sale Price: $15.99
You save $5.98!
Antonio Black-White
Price: $21.97

Amalfi has a Tasteful Elegance. Antonio is a Handsome Classic. Great with a tuxedo. Antonio is a Handsome Classic. Great with a tuxedo.
Ashes Skull Studded Mens Masquerade Mask Backstreet Hand-Painted Scary Masquerade Mask Battle Dominant Bronze Mens Masquerade Mask
Price: $29.97
Price: $24.99

Price: $32.97
Ashes is Unearthly. Backstreet is Bloody Bat. Battle is Dominant.
Black Bat Mask Black Lightning Mens Masquerade Mask Classic Dashing Pirate Mask.
Black Bat Mask
Price: $9.99
Black Lightning
Price: $21.97

Black Tie
Price: $8.99

Black Sculpted Bat Mask Black Lightning is Flashy. Red, Gold and Silver too!!!!! Classic Dashing Pirate Mask. Great for Men!
Bleak Hand-Painted Scary Masquerade Mask Branded Black-Gold  Mens Masquerade Mask Bug Eyed Scary Mens Masquerade Mask
Price: $19.97
Branded Black-Gold
Price: $11.99
Bug Eyed
Price: $23.97
Bleak is Lost. Branded has a Gallant Flair. Bug Eyed is Bugged.
Carnival Dancer
Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $9.99
You save $2.01!
Carnival Dancer - 6 Assorted
List Price: $59.94
Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $49.99
You save $9.95!
Price: $11.98

Carnival Dancer is Graceful. Carnival Dancer is Graceful. Party Assortment - 6 Masks
Casanova is Suave.
White Gloss Casanova Masquerade Mask
Casanova - White Gloss
Price: $11.99

Casanova Bat
Price: $14.99
Casanova Cemetery
Price: $17.99
Elegant Gloss Casanova Mask. A great base mask to decorate or wear. Casanova Gold Bat Cemetery Casanova
Price: $15.99

Classic Venetian
Price: $12.99
Champagne Mask Checkerboard Domino-Black and White Classic Venetian is Simply Refined.
Claude Bronze Hand-Painted Masquerade Mask for Men Cold Blood Mens Halloween Mask
Price: $24.97
Cold Blood
Price: $26.99
Classic Venetian Fine Quality Italian Mask. Black, White and Gold too. Claude is Torn. Cold Blood is Bloody.
Daredevil Red Masquerade Mask for Men Dashing Mens Decorated Masquerade Mask
Price: $18.99

Price: $24.97

Price: $19.97
Concerto is a Gloriously Musical. Daredevil is Daring. Dashing is a Sexy Pirate mask. Great for men.
Debonair Decorated Mask for Men Diablo Hand-Painted Scary Masquerade Mask
Price: $19.99
Price: $19.97
Debonair has a Grand Flourish. An elegant mask for men. Comes in great colors. Deluxe Diagonal White Face Scar Face is Chilling.
Domino Glitz Mens Mask
Domino Glitz
Price: $7.49
Domino Lame
Price: $5.99
Domino Matte
Price: $2.49

Domino Glitz is a True Classic. Shimmering Lame Domino Mask Domino Matte Mask
Domino Matte Mask Party Pack 6 Masks. Double Cross Day of the Dead Mask for Men Drainage Mens Red Horror Masquerade Mask
Double Cross
Price: $24.97
Price: $23.97
Domino Matte Mask Party Pack (6 masks of ONE COLOR)
Double Cross is Shadowy. Day of the Dead Mask Drainage is Dripping.
Dred Spiked Mens Black Masquerade mask Dynamic Steampunk Mens Masquerade Mask
Price: $8.97
Price: $29.99

Price: $24.99
Draven is a Classic. Great to Decorate. Dred is Intimidating. Dynamic is Macho.
Edge Classic Mens Masquerade Mask Eduardo Mens Masquerade Mask with  Braid Trim Enigma Steampunk Masquerade Mask for Men
Price: $19.99

Price: $19.97
Price: $24.99
Edge is Edgy. Eduardo is Sophisticated. Enigma is Powerful.