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Thank you so much, I absolutely loved my mask!!!-Ashley

I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You!! My Mask was a Hit and matched perfectly!!
I had a BLAST at our Masquerade Ball in New Orleans!!! - Diana

Perfect, Thank You! - Daniel

Truly amazing mask can't wait to wear it to the masquerade party!!

"Our Mardi Gras Krewe masks were great! Thanks" - Dave

"I love my mask! It is very well made and I love the bow/jewel detail on the side.
The mask fits comfortably and I received so many compliments."-Kimberly

" We got so many compliments on our masks, thanks again!!" - Aimee

What great customer service and wonderful products!! Ty!" -Kimberly

"We loved the masks! Thank you! :)" -
Britney (below)

"The masks looked even better than the picture, we were thrilled!"
- Daniel

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Gold Level - ($6-$24) Platinum Level - ($25-$32)
Diamond Level - ($33-$48) Premium Level - (Over $49)
We take great pride in presenting our collection of Designer Masquerade Masks for Women. All of these masks are original designs created by our experienced artisans. They are hand-decorated in the USA especially for you, using the finest trims, fabrics, paint, crystals, and feathers. The end result is a gorgeous mask that will impress your friends and fellow party-goers, make you feel great when you wear it, and help make your masquerade ball a night you will never forget! The mask in the header is Missy in Red. Choose a perfect mask for him in the Designer Masks for Men category.

The Designer Masks for Women category is divided into sub-categories (levels) by price. Click the links above to choose the price range that you would like to view. We hope that you enjoy the experience of choosing your very own hand-decorated masquerade ball mask!
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Elegant Raindrop Women's Masquerade Mask with Trim Secrets Ballroom Black Lace Womens Masquerade Mask
Price: $15.97
Elegant Raindrop -TRY ON MASK Secrets-TRY ON MASK Ballroom -TRY ON MASK
Missy Red and Black Womens Masquerade Mask Nadia Womens Peacock  Masquerade Mask Spanish Rose Lace Womens Masquerade Mask
Missy-Shimmer Red
Price: $29.97
Price: $39.97
Spanish Rose
Price: $24.97
Missy Nadia Spanish Rose
Persuasion Womens Masquerade Mask Angelina Womens Masquerade Mask Deluxe My Sweet Heart White Womens Wedding Mask
Price: $24.97
Price: $24.97
Persuasion-TRY ON MASK Angelina-TRY ON MASK
Deluxe My Sweetheart is Sweetly Flamboyant.
Linz Womens Masquerade Mask with Velvet Fabric Covering and Trim Missy Turquoise Glitter Womens Masquerade Mask Diva Feathered Womens Masquerade Mask
Price: $29.97
Price: $25.97
Linz-TRY ON MASK Missy Diva
Tara Womens Feathered Masquerade Mask Catalina Red and Black Lace Womens Masquerade Mask Roxanna Red Rose Womens Masquerade Mask
Price: $15.97
Price: $44.97
Price: $22.97
Tara-TRY ON MASK Catalina-TRY ON MASK Roxanna
Lola Feathered Masquerade Mask for women Josephine Womens Glittered Masquerade Mask
Price: $29.97
Flapper Head Band
Price: $11.97
Price: $29.97
Lola Flapper Head Band is a Costume Favorite. Josephine
Peacock Paradise Masquerade Womens Mask With Jewels Ginger Feathered Womens Masquerade Mask Rose Garden with Rose Masquerade Mask
Peacock Paradise
Price: $27.97
Price: $24.97
Rose Garden
Price: $34.97
Peacock Paradise Ginger
Rose Garden has Grace and Presence
Torino Masquerade Mask for Women Elegant Raindrop Women's Masquerade Mask with Trim Fashion Raindrop Black Lace Masked Ball Mask
Price: $27.97
Torino is a Return to Old Italy. Elegant Raindrop -TRY ON MASK Fashion Raindrop Black Lace - TRY ON MASK
Poison Ivy Green Womens Masquerade Mask Cosmos Glitter Womens Glitter Masquerade Mask Scandalous Lace Womens Masquerade Mask
Poison Ivy
Price: $25.97
Cosmos Glitter
Price: $24.97
Price: $22.97
Poison Ivy-TRY ON MASK
Cosmos Glitter-TRY ON MASK Scandalous
Entangled - Black/Gold Czarina Velvet Applique Womens Masquerade Mask
Eliza in White and Silver-TRY ON MASK Entangled - Black-Gold-TRY ON MASK Czarina Gold or Silver Masquerade Mask for Women
Duchess Red Womens Masquerade mask with Crown Baroness Royalty Mask for Women Baroness White Royalty Womens Mask
Price: $29.97
Baroness in Black
Price: $34.97
Baroness in White
Price: $34.97
Duchess Baroness
Transfixed two color Masquerade Mask for Women Sparkle Glitter and Net Women's Masquerade Mask Affinity Glittered Feather Women's Masquerade Mask
Price: $24.97
Price: $23.97
Transfixed Sparkles
Fashion Mask
Lavish Soiree Feather and Net Masquerade Mask Vintage Purple Lace Masquerade Mask for Women Lavish Star
Lavish Soiree
Price: $24.97
Price: $29.97
Lavish Star
Price: $29.97
Lavish Soiree Vintage Lavish Star
Flourish Black Feathered Women's Masquerade Mask Flourish Purple Flourish Red
Flourish Black
Price: $24.97
Flourish Purple
Price: $24.97
Flourish Red
Price: $24.97
Flourish Flourish Purple-TRY ON MASK Flourish Red-TRY ON MASK
Flourish White Impressions Elegant Masquerade Mask for Women Victoria Victorian Feathered Masquerade Mask for a Woman
Flourish White
Price: $24.97
Price: $39.97
Price: $27.99
Flourish White
Impressions Victoria-TRY ON MASK
Victoria Silver Feathered  Masquerade Mask Sinful Lace Masquerade Mask for Women Skylar Masquerade Mask for Women
Price: $27.99
Victoria-TRY ON MASK
Sinful Lace Masquerade Mask for Women
Skylar Masquerade Mask for Women
Starlina Masquerade Mask for Women Flapper Sequin Head Band Deco Lady Silver Black Women's Masquerade Mask
Starlina Masquerade Mask for Women
Flapper Head Band with a Jewel is a Costume Favorite. Deco Lady-TRY ON MASK
Elizabeth Fancy Decorated Women's Masquerade Mask Pamela Decorated Glittered Masquerade Mask for Women Persuasion Black Lace Womens Masquerade Mask
Price: $19.97
Price: $19.97
Elizabeth Pamela-TRY ON MASK Persuasion-TRY ON MASK
Daphne Turquoise and Black Feather Mask for Women Missy Purple Glitter Womens Masquerade Mask Willow Black w/Peacock Feathers Masquerade Mask
Price: $29.97
Price: $24.97
Daphne-TRY ON MASK Missy Willow
Vixen Black Gloss Masquerade Mask for Women Crowe Scary Purple Womens Masquerade Mask Crowe Scary Red  Womens Masquerade Mask
Crowe - Purple
Price: $39.97
Crowe - Red
Price: $39.97
Vixen Black Gloss Masquerade Mask for Women
Crowe Crowe
Cristal Hand Painted Jeweled Womens Masquerade Mask Deville Black Decorated Rhinestone Womens Masquerade Mask Florette Decorated White Womens Masquerade Mask
Deville - Black
Price: $24.97
Price: $24.97
Cristal Masquerade Mask for Women
Zoey Peacock Feather Masquerade Mask Calliope Hand-Painted Masquerade Mask Apollonia Velvet Applique Woman's Masquerade Mask
Price: $29.97
Price: $29.97
Price: $24.97
Zoey Calliope-TRY ON MASK Apollonia
Damara Jeweled Women's Masquerade Mask Laurel Velvet Applique Woman's Masquerade Mask Deco Lady Decorated Purple-Silver Women's Masquerade Mask
Price: $19.97
Price: $24.97
Damara Laurel
Deco Lady
Serena Velvet Applique Blue Mask Woman's Masquerade Mask Belle Masquerade Mask for Women Mindy Masquerade Mask for Women
Serena - Blue
Price: $25.97
Price: $22.97
Price: $22.97
Serene Fashion Mask-TRY ON MASK Belle fashion mask comes in 4 different colors Mindy Fashion Mask is available in 6 different colors
Kimana Rhinestone Butterfly Masquerade Mask for Women Adalyn Rhinestone Bat Mask for Women Rhinestone Feather Womens Masquerade Mask
Price: $29.97
Price: $24.97
Price: $29.97
Kimana Fashion Mask-TRY ON MASK Adalyn is a Sparkling Bat.-TRY ON MASK Nora is Extravagant.-TRY ON MASK