Photo Gallery

Welcome to our Photo Gallery. We have just added this section to the site, and are looking for good pictures to post from our customers' masquerade ball events. If you have purchased from us already, or if you are planning to, we would love to post pictures from your masquerade ball in this gallery. Please contact us if you have some pictures you'd like us to post,we would love to feature them here!

Jesse & Miranda K. looking great at their friends Erica and Corey's masquerade wedding!

All of the above pictures are from Erica and Corey's wedding.  We congratulate them on their union, and thank them and their guests so much for choosing us to supply the masks for their special day!

The above picture is from Jenna R.'s Masquerade Ball Sweet 16 Party.  She is the young woman in the center, holding the purple Diva on a stick. Her friends are holding masks that were purchased from us and then decorated themselves, they did a good job, didn't they! Thanks very much to Roseann and her daughter Jenna, we had a great time working with you :)

The above picture is of Derek and Emily, who are very close friends of Success Creations.  They look great together in this picture!

The following pictures are from our friend Jennifer at, who was nice enough to feature some of our masks over at her popular blog. 

Here is Alana and her boyfriend posing with their masquerade masks, they look great in black and white, and they match perfectly. Thanks Alana!

Here is another great picture of Julia at her masquerade birthday bash, she really went all out, and it seems like the night was amazing!

The two pictures above are from newlyweds Angel and Matt, who celebrated their wedding with a great Autumn masquerade theme on Halloween 2010.  They did such an incredible job with coordinating the colors of their outfits and their masks, flowers, and lights, its a great example of a classy yet fun masquerade wedding.

Here is a picture of Diana and her daughter celebrating her sweet 15, they look great together in red!