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Mask FAQ

On this page you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions that are relevant to our masks and our company. If you have a question pertaining to the use of this website or your account with this website, ordering questions, etc., then please use our General FAQ to find your answer. Thanks!

What are your masks made out of?
Our Basic masks, which are also the masks that we use to decorate our Designer masks with, are imported from Italy, the birthplace of the masquerade mask. They are made of a thick fabric material which is firm but flexible and features a soft cotton backing to allow for maximum comfort. They are lightweight, one-size-fits-all (adults) and durable. All masks come with an adjustable elastic band, unless it is a Designer Mask featuring ribbon ties or a mask stick.

Our Designer masquerade masks are carefully crafted by our skilled mask-makers in our Lakewood New Jersey, USA studio. Using our plain 'base' masks, they apply only the finest materials such as trims, jewels, paint, appliques, and the best real feathers in order to create a gorgeous hand-decorated masquerade mask that is certain to turn heads and make you look great on your big night!

What are your holding sticks made from?
Our "Deluxe mask sticks" are individually assembled by hand, and consist of a clear, strong acrylic rod that is filled with a color coordinated insert that is matched to your mask. The mask stick is then capped on the end with a faceted jewel. Some masks come on a plain crystal clear sturdy stick. Our sticks are 10 inches in length and both look great on your masquerade mask!

Can you design a custom mask for me?  Do you do slight customizations?
At this time we do not offer custom design services or slight customizations. We have done our best to create enough styles so that there is something for everyone, and due to the high demand for our masks, we do not have the time or resources to support customizations.

Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes, we do offer discounts for larger quantity orders. Please contact us to inquire about discounts for orders over $300.

How do you package the masks?  Will they arrive in good condition?
We know that our product is fragile, and over our 25 years in this industry we have learned to package our masks carefully and securely so that they arrive in the same beautiful condition that they are in when we make them.

Masks are first sealed in a plastic bag, and then carefully placed in a sturdy box, which is laden with tissue paper in a way that will both preserve the shape of the mask and feathers in transit and ensure that it is secure and does not shift around inside the package. You can rest assured that  your mask will arrive in great condition when ordering with us!

Do all of your masks come with a headband or fastener?

Yes, all of our masks come standard with an adjustable elastic headband. Also, many of our Designer Masks are made with ribbon ties or mask sticks, in which case the elastic band is removed and replaced with either of those additions.

Can I get a mask with a stick, but leave the headband or ribbon ties on as well? Are your mask sticks removable?
When we attach a stick or handle to a mask, we are forced to cover the area where the headband attaches, both for aesthetic and practical purposes. Therefore, we are unable to make masks with both a headband and a mask stick.

Our mask sticks are permanent and cannot be removed. At this time, we have no way of making the mask stick easily removable.

Can you take a mask that is featured on a stick, off of the stick?
All masks on our website can be bought both on a stick and off. If you see a mask in our Masquerade Masks on Sticks section that you would like off a stick, simply look for that mask in the corresponding price level in the Designer Masquerade Masks section.

I'm in the area.  Can I come to visit your location in person?
We do not have a retail store or showroom. We have a warehouse and a design studio in an industrial park, and because of this, we do not allow customers to come to our facility and shop, as we are not set up for it. Still, if you are in the area and would like to come by to pick up your masks in person, we do allow that, but you must email us and set up an appointment ahead of time, as well as let us know which masks you will be picking up so that we can make sure to have them ready for you when you arrive.