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Thank you so much, I absolutely loved my mask!!!-Ashley

I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You!! My Mask was a Hit and matched perfectly!!
I had a BLAST at our Masquerade Ball in New Orleans!!! - Diana

Perfect, Thank You! - Daniel

Truly amazing mask can't wait to wear it to the masquerade party!!

"Our Mardi Gras Krewe masks were great! Thanks" - Dave

"I love my mask! It is very well made and I love the bow/jewel detail on the side.
The mask fits comfortably and I received so many compliments."-Kimberly

" We got so many compliments on our masks, thanks again!!" - Aimee

What great customer service and wonderful products!! Ty!" -Kimberly

"We loved the masks! Thank you! :)" -
Britney (below)

"The masks looked even better than the picture, we were thrilled!"
- Daniel

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In our Masquerade Masks for Couples category, we have taken male and female masquerade ball masks that are complimentary to each other and combined them into sets. These couples sets are designed to make you and your date look great together, match each others masks as well as outfits, and steal the show at your masquerade party. All of these masks can be purchased individually in different sections of the site as well. Have fun together choosing a set of masks that you'll both love!
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Perfect Duo Hero Couples Masquerade Masks New Year's Mask for Couples Elegant Glitz-Masquerade Glitz Couple
Perfect Duo
Price: $19.97
Perfect Duo for a Perfect Evening. New Year's Mask Couple in Red, Gold, Silver, or White!
Elegant Glitz Couple is Radiant. Lots of Colors!
Naughty Bandit Masquerade Masks for Couples
Naughty Bandit Couple
Price: $26.97

Merlin-Maridele Masquerade Couple
Ryder-Gia Masquerade Couple
Naughty Bandit Couple is Wild.
Corrine-Black Verona Couple
Delightful Couple Metropolitan Couple Black Gold Corrine-Black Verona Couple
Corrine-Black Silver Masquerade Couple Simone-Black Verona Couple SYLVIA STICK MASK AND VERONA SILVER COUPLE
Corrine-Black Silver Masquerade Couple
Simone-Black Verona Couple
Sunburst Masquerade Masks for Couple Twilight Masquerade Masks for Couples Raquel-Rafael Couple Masquerade Masks
Sunburst Couple
Price: $29.97

Twilight Couple
Price: $29.97

Sunburst Couple has Up to Date Style. Twilight Couple is Awesome in Silver and Black. Raquel and Rafael are Bold and Opulent.
Persuasion Masquerade Mask Couple Corrine-Black White Masquerade Couple Simone-Black Silver Masquerade Couple
Persuasion Couple
Price: $29.97
Persuasion Couple is Fine and Flamboyant. Corrine-Black White Masquerade Couple
Simone-Black Silver Masquerade Couple
Simone- Black White Masquerade Couple Solar Eclipse Sun Moon Masks
Simone-Black White Masquerade Couple
Moon and Star Couple
Solar Eclipse Sun Moon Masks
Cremator-Scorched Masquerade Couple
Slag-Magma Masquerade Couple
Lazaro-Soren Mardi Gras Masquerade Couple
Jagged-Antonio Masquerade Couples Masks Torino-Masquerade Glitz Couple Masks
Orwin-Romilda Masquerade Couple
Jagged Antonio Couple is a Black Tie Event Favorite. Classy Standout Couple!
Angelina-Fernando Masquerade Couple Masks Entangled Spiderweb Masquerade Masks for Couples Rose Garden Black-White Masks for Couples
Entangled-Spiderweb Masquerade Couple
Price: $34.97
Sale Price: $35.96

Rose Garden Couple
Price: $36.97

Majestic Couple. Fabulous Colors! Spidery Couple. Rose Garden Couple is Captivating and Mysterious.
Dark Alley Scary Masquerade Masks for Couples Fashion Raindrop-Static Masquerade Couple Masks Moulin Rouge Couples Masquerade Masks
Moulin Rouge Couple
Price: $39.97

Dark Alley Couple is Mysterious. Sharp and Sexy Couple Masks. Moulin Rouge Couple is a Cabaret.
Angelina Rheinlander Masks for Couples Persuasion-Black Lightning Mask for a Couple Lola-Black Lightning Couples Masquerade Masks
Extravagant Couple Striking Couple. Electrifying! Electrifying Couple
Josephine-Masquerade Glitter Masquerade Couple Masks Sophia Dreams-Riviera Masquerade Couple Masks Victoria-Riviera Masquerade Couple Masks
Glittery Couple. Gold, Silver, and Black. Naturally Flamboyant Couple. Most Regal Couple.
Nadia-Riviera Masquerade Couple Masks
Glorious Couple. Sophisticated Combos!